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Collecting and flipping NFT cars is now possible on Tezos!

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About Tezos motors

How it works

What does "10x 1/1" means?

It means that this car will appear on 10 different 1/1 NFTs, each NFT will be unique.
On the same token "1x 1/1" means that this car will appear on only one NFT.


Overall I will be doing everything to build a strong community and attract new NFT collectors for the secondary market to thrive.

About + Mission


Web Designer
Community manager
and many more 🙂

Hi, I'm Chris, aka Krzysztof Perkowski, The founder of Tezos Motors.
Damn it!
I'm not a founder! I'm just a cool guy creating something cool for the most amazing community in the NFT world! Clean NFT Tezos!
The plan is to create an opportunity for profitable NFT flipping and be as helpful for the community as possible. This is my first NFT project and I treat it like my 3rd child, a boy this time (I've got two little girls in RL).

My mission is to create one of the coolest NFT collections on Tezos blockchain. This will be achieved by supporting and educating dealers (collectors) on how to sell their cars or hold for best profit. There will be personalized Twitter covers, PFPs, PFCs, made for you sales pages, basically anything to spread the word about this project.


All cars are dropped on Objkt.com

For some cars I will be making a batch mints.

I will create 1 NFT with let say 30 editions, everyone* who buys and then burns his/her NFT will get an air drop with a 1/1 NFT that was drawn for them.

It’s like a real minting but on a smaller scale 😀

*In first 24 hours only offers from current NFT holders will be accepted.

Main mints will happen every 1 or max 2 weeks. You can always check the countdown on the top of the page to know exactly when the next mint is.

There will be between 200 and 250 cars in this collection, it’s still an ongoing project with new car NFT releases every 1 – 2 weeks.

This strategy guarantees constantly growing number of car collectors and a floor price, comparing to “drop all NFTs at once” where the number of collectors and floor price most of the time goes down if there’s no support real support from creators.

Each NFT is 1/1.

But some cars may appear on more than one NFT.

For example there may be 10 different NFTs with Volkswagen Beetle, all unique.

There will also be a purely 1/1 cars. One car = One NFT, no variations = Super Rare

Each car’s price varies depending on the number of NFTs it appers on.

There will be plenty of support. Some of them are:

  • Personalized twitter cover photos and sales image tweets for owners
  • Hall of Fame (gallery) of car owners, including a list of best collectors and flippers. 
  • Badges, FREE cars, discounts for collectors and flippers
  • Creating new videos, gifs and graphics for sold out cars
  • Overall, an ongoing dedication to make one of the best collections on Tezos. 

The idea of creating an ongoing project rather than dropping everything at once, will continuously attract more and more collectors. 


Join the early supporters LIST for a chance to WIN A SPECIAL MADE TO ORDER CAR!

Official wallet: tezosmotors.tez

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